AWS Studios is primarily a TV production company Dubai, specializing in producing engaging TV commercials for businesses across the Middle East. We have worked with several industries in varied genres and locations; therefore, we understand our client’s unique requirements and create powerful advertisements suitable to your guidelines. Be it a TVC, short documentary, or an on-location shoot; our production crew reveals the opportunity to make your vision a reality. We offer end-to-end TV advertisement production in Dubai, including developing new concepts, scripts and procuring permits and licenses from the Dubai Film & TV Commission and other government bodies. Being a highly-informed TV production company in Dubai, we have a team that works on TV production; each advertisement targets the appropriate audience, bringing about impressive results.

A well-executed brand ad campaign can set just the right tone and build trust over time. At AWS Studios, all our programs bear the hallmark of quality, creativity, and professionalism that audiences have come to expect. Moreover, our in-house resources allow us to tailor the ad campaign to your budget, brand, and timeframe. Whether you seek to learn more about TV advertisement production in Dubai or avail of our service, feel free to contact our experts.



Over the years we have built our reputation to lead innovative storytelling and production techniques. Over the years, we as a reputable TV production company in Dubai, have covered multiple aspects to ascertain your TV shows are covered smoothly.


With a passion for diving deep into a story, location, or theme to create immersive TV series, we hold the ability to deliver stories with an international appeal.


Renowned for producing high-quality documentaries and documentary film production, we are on a mission to create convincing and truthful narratives— we offer affordable service in a professional and timely manner.


All our TV advertisements are carefully crafted and designed to reflect the attributes of each brand. Whether you are a local company aiming to target a regional audience or a multi-national organization, we have the skills and resources to create a dynamic commercial.