AWS Studios is a market-leading 3D graphics company operating out of Dubai. As industry-experts, there is no design or shape that is too complex for our stellar team. Composed by a team of experts, together we strive to enhance your message effectively with 3D motion graphics by devoting our expertise to using the latest technology. It is a staple in today’s digital world, so it only makes sense as a leading motion graphics company that we deliver the same quality and capabilities to your industry. With over a decade of experience and having worked with numerous clients, both small and large-scale, we pride ourselves in adapting our style and approach to fit any brand image.

At AWS Studios, our mission is to push our boundaries in the field of digital creativity. We are constantly thinking out of the box and experimenting with various styles and techniques to create 3D motion graphics that keeps your audience engaged. Whether you need a simple informative 3D graphics motion or a promotional video, you can count on us as a reliable motion graphics company to complete it with ease. Get in touch with our experts for further information on our 3D graphics service in Dubai.



We, being a top motion graphics company, realize the importance of a script in creating a successful video; hence we have appointed the best team with incredible writing skills, expertise, and experience. They will create memorable content, enabling you to connect with your audience.


As a professional 3D graphics company in the industry, we provide you access to quality storyboard illustration at affordable prices. It enables cinematographers and directors to visualize the scene before we create 3D motion graphics.


Our team will help your brand gain visibility and acquire an edge over competitors with our innovative 3D motion graphic designs. Our team will facilitate your company in developing original and customized designs to match your brand’s requirements.


As a 3D graphics company, we are adept with the latest 3D and animation tools and technologies that provide cutting-edge services, further taking your digital production to the next level. We guarantee excellent results that truly captivate your audience.


In addition to motion graphics, we can also efficiently compose the sound and create compositions that perfectly capture the mood you seek to convey to your audience. Our sophisticated mastering techniques and equipment ensure to meet your sound design requirements.


With our final rendering service, we help you develop and display the final design to your customers in a unique and distinguished manner. It further helps you boost your brand’s image.