AWS Studios is a reliable media production agency specialized in creating engaging video content for clients across Dubai and beyond UAE. Our prolonged experience as a video production company has helped us understand the different video marketing content and narrative style involved in various content types. We help all our clients create visually appealing and immersive promotional videos. Our extensive team of professional media production includes creative directors, producers, videographers, writers, editors, animators, web video designers, sound, and animation experts bursting with creativity. They will work with you and help you create videos with the best version of your idea.

Expert professionals equipped with high-end latest technologies and techniques make us a powerful media production company. Our highly creative media group content creation service ensures an uncompromised level of message delivery through the video. We provide seamless film video production service combining aesthetics, storyline, characters, and technical expertise to offer timely completion of the projects. With high professionalism and quality video production, we provide our expert services at highly competitive rates to fit clients’ budgets. Find out how the team at our media production company in Dubai can help you.



By delving deeper into the topic, our video production company can help you create a perfect documentary film in educational, cultural, tourism, or any other subject.


As a prominent full-service media production house in Dubai, we produce TV shows with a properly streamlined production plan, training videos, promotional videos, highly creative execution, and better marketing videos to attract a vast audience.


Through visual storytelling of the clients’ ideas and motives, our experts at media production agency are well-versed in producing informative, award-winning, entertaining, or inspiring TV series.


We are proficient at creating eye catching TV commercials with concept development that delivers the right message. Get under your audience’s skin, into their minds – and allow them to stand out.


Our creative agency produces corporate videos with full client control, right from concept creation to final delivery, for a precise portrayal of the company values and vision.


Our media production house hires creative minds and high-end technical support are capable of perfectly conceptualizing, directing, producing, and delivering an impactful narrative film.


Our experienced directors will work closely with you to produce an engaging music video along with creating the concept, location, and equipment. In addition, we skillfully direct and edit the music video and promo video to match your vision.


Whether it’s capturing a moment or an emotion, our camera crew is expert in executing high-resolution photography across various domains and styles.