AWS Studios is an award-winning post production company in Dubai, offering complete video creation services. We have an extensive team of editors, colorists, audio specialists, screenwriters, filmmakers, and VFX experts who bring high-quality cinematography experience from different areas. Our technical post production studio agency is second to none, expertly developed to allow flexibility, offering streamlined and bespoke workflows to facilitate any video production requirement. Furthermore, we encourage creativity in all our film and video production works and deliver unparalleled professionalism and customer service. We have become a leading post production house in Dubai by completing various projects, including feature films, short films, corporate films, documentaries, and TVCs.

At AWS Studios, we use various video editing facilities at our fully equipped post-production house to produce excellent video and audio quality projects. We also have a dedicated digital filmmaking team and set up for VFX production, videography, full-fledged colour correction or grading suites, mixing studio, and voice-over capabilities. We also take immense care in sound designing, music composition, and sound-mixing to perfect the audio quality. As customer satisfaction stands first for us, all clients’ suggestions are handled with care and seriousness. For more details, feel free to contact us today. As a creative post production studio in Dubai, we will gladly take you through the process.



As a qualified video post-production company, our efficient team of video editors has a strong understanding of the various aspects involved in filmmaking. We ensure the best quality video production for all projects conducted by our post-production studio in Dubai.


Working as experienced post-production company Dubai, our videographers employ artistic knowledge with the latest colour correction techniques to perfect visual impact of a marketing video by proper colour balance. Efficient colour balance enhances the overall viewing experience.


Our professional audio engineering team is highly skilled in picking background distortion and ensuring proper audio recording with sound equalizers, and sound synchronization. With high-end production technologies, we can offer the best quality sound effects.


Our video company is well equipped with high-end VFX technologies to help you create impactful visualization of your imagination. Our high precision visual effects and editing software enhance video communication ability.


You can add life to your various video elements using our latest animation technologies. Our expert professionals can help you enhance the digital video impact with high-end motion graphics.


Our video post production company in Dubai comprises high-end animation facilities to create advanced 2D and 3D animations. We can help you demonstrate narrative-specific visual storytelling animation wonders.



AWS Studios has widespread experience in crafting HD videos across a wide scale of industries and businesses in Dubai. We are gratified to work with the most experienced professionals in the digital marketing industry.


Over the years as technology advanced our audio and video post-production company in Dubai adapted to changing trends. With a high-tech approach, we can take on projects of any caliber, detail, and genre.


Our media production company has event photographers, cinematographers, artists, editors, videographers, animators, and creative directors which are highly passionate about every audio and video project they come across as a team.