• Title: Khan AlThahab
  • Genre: Drama
  • Channel: MBC IRAQ / Shahid
  • Starring: Saif Alshareef, Rowida Shaheen, Ghassan Ismail, Sara Albahrany, Sami Kaftan, and Ameera Jawad
  • Year: Ramadan 2023
  • Season(s): 1
  • Episode(s): 30
  • Episode Duration: 45 min

Khan Al Thahab, a drama that tackles the story of two brothers Ameer and Salem, sons of Sami, a jewelry merchant, who are fighting over inheritance. The elder brother’s greed causes the death of his brother’s wife by mistake, but this crime remains a mystery. Salem continues to destroy the life of his younger brother Ameer, so that he can seize all the property after his father’s death.

Saif Alshareef

Rowida Shaheen

Ghassan Ismail

Sara Albahrany

Sami Kaftan

Ameera Jawad