• Title: Khan AlThahab AlBedaya
  • Genre: Drama
  • Channel: MBC IRAQ / Shahid
  • Starring: Sami Kaftan,Saif Alshareef,Ghassan Ismail,Rowida Shaheen,Sara Albahrany and Ameera Jawad
  • Year: Ramadan 2023
  • Season(s): 2
  • Episode(s): 30
  • Episode Duration: 45 min

Khan AlThahab AlBedaya, a drama that begins by narrating the events prior to its first season. It takes viewers through the story of Hajji Sami, his brother, and their partnership in the gold trade, highlighting the tensions and issues that arise between them. The series also delves into the journey of Ameer and Hayat, from their initial meeting at university to their forced separation due to Ameer’s marriage to his cousin. Additionally, it explores Salem’s story, his manipulation of Sabreen, and their eventual marriage after he saves her from a crisis that nearly destroys his life.

Sami Kaftan

Saif Alshareef

Ghassan Ismail

Rowida Shaheen

Sara Albahrany

Ameera Jawad