• Title: Ahlam Al Sineen
  • Genre: Period Drama
  • Channel: MBC IRAQ
  • Starring: Mahmoud Abu Alabbas, Hana Mohammed, Inaam Alrubaie, Ayad Al Taiee, Mahdi Alhusseini
  • Year: Ramadan 2020
  • Season(s): 1
  • Episode(s): 25
  • Episode Duration: 45 min

The series is about a village in southern Iraq (Al Ahwar) ruled by an unjust ruler. We see several personalities in the village and outside who fled this injustice, and thus we see the difference between Baghdad (the civilized city) and the village. The work includes many family and romantic social stories.

Mahmoud Abu Alabbas

Inaam Al Rubaie

Mahdi Al Husseini

Hanaa Mohammed

Ayad Al Taiee

Samar Mohammed