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Video Production House Dubai

Our Dubai-based production house comprises a group of talented storytellers, seasoned producers, cinematographers, video producers, filmmakers, and eager collaborators.

With over a decade of marketing video production experience, our team at AWS corporate professional video production company has nailed what it takes to produce award-winning video content. To support your vision, we start with an in-depth briefing process to understand your brand, audience, and market goals. We cover a wide range of commercial production companies services, including branding, film production, web video production, media production, and motion graphics. In addition, we also offer our studio on rent, fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment to conduct various shootings.

We aim high, challenge ourselves, and work closely with our clients and other film companies to push the limits of what’s possible with such an exciting medium. This approach enables our production company to stay ahead of new technologies and embrace the ever-changing platforms. Our creative video production services focus on bringing it together visually, so we deliver a scripted video that perfectly positions your brand and evokes emotion. Whether you need an end-to-end innovative turnkey solution for video-animation or production support for your next TV commercial, we can provide it. Reach out to our team today, and we’ll be more than glad to assist you in the process.

What We Do

Channel Identity Service/Branding

We are experts in streamlining activities to help you position your channel uniquely in the entertainment industry. Our specialized video production strategies are tailor-made according to the specifications of the brands. We are here as one-stop shop to assist you with brand videos, event videos, corporate video production, TV commercials, video editing, and much more.

Film Production

Being a top-tier video pre and post production company in Dubai, we ensure perfect and informative message delivery through our impeccable HD multi-camera and creative approach, engaging narrative, and unique aesthetics in every film we create for clients of all sizes. With our professional film production company, you are guaranteed no compromise on the quality and standard.

Media Production

Our production house engages with talented and passionate actors, hosts, writers, film crew, directors, cinematographers, videographers, and other popular names from the industry who help us offer high-quality video production service in Dubai.

Media Post-Production

With a high focus on quality and client specification, we as an established audio and video production company ensure an optimum viewing experience through professional sound and video editing, webcasting, video animation, project management, color correction, and other post-production of your video.

Motion Graphics

AWS studio is also known as a motion graphic company, we cover all aspects of filmmaking. With the help of our top-notch technologies and novel special effect techniques, AWS Studios video production services can help you add high-quality creative motion graphics to your digital videos for improved viewer experience and interest.

Studio Rental

We are recognized as one of the best video production houses across the UAE because, besides the conventional services of a video production company, we offer spacious video studios and camera rental in Dubai and Iraq with full-fledged make-up rooms and dressing rooms, hairdressing rooms, and other facilities. These are available for shoots, rehearsals, event productions, castings, or any workshops.